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The benefits using a Car Cover to protect your car

The benefits using a Car Cover to protect your car

Posted by Outdoor Covers Canada on 20th Sep 2016

We love our cars. We spend lots to buy them, then we spend lots to keep them on the road. Many of us need cover protection for antiques, classics and special rides. Some of us don’t use our cars often or need to park them for a loner periods of time. And some of us park underground where an awful amount of dust accumulates. A Car Cover is an important accessory for most cars.

The solution to protecting cars from weather, UV rays, dirt, bird droppings, tree sap and pollutants is using a quality car cover. Here are a few tips on selecting and using car covers.

Not all materials are created equal. Most cars have a lacquer protected paint. Just like an auto car wash, rubbing fibers on a paint job scratches paint and finish over time. A cheap cover (especially in the wind) is like running your car through a car wash 24/7. Select a car cover with a soft finish such as a non-woven polyester. Quality covers have multiple layers to allow for scratch resistance, breathability and weather proofing. We don’t recommend standard woven polyester covers for cars due to abrasion. But beware because not all non-wovens are the same. A lightweight material will flap around more in windy conditions and will not stand the test of time or weather in Canada. Non-wovens can be 60g, 80g, 120g, 160g, etc. Anything stored outdoors requires heavier weight material.

Universal versus custom fit. Yes custom fit covers are far better than universal fit covers. If you have the bucks invest in these especially if you have a high value auto. However, if you need an inexpensive solution, quality universal covers are usually fine in most conditions. You are the best to decide if a $100 investment is correct or a $500 investment. As mentioned above, if you choose a universal fit cover, get a good one.

Your cover choice should have a relatively secure fit. There are so many car shapes so universal fit covers will never fit perfectly. Choose a size slightly larger rather than slightly smaller. At our covers have an integrated elastic hem. This helps secure the cover under bumpers. If you are exposed to wind a secure tie down is necessary. Our covers have center reinforced grommets holes for a rope of cable pass through. Covers should also allow a little extra room for mirrors. Older model cars also have antennas. Our covers come with an antenna pass through kit.

Car Covers are a simple solution to protecting a huge investment. Choose quality over price. Shop for high quality car covers and great prices in Canada.