Snowmobile covers are essential accessories

Snowmobile covers are essential accessories

Posted by Outdoor Covers Canada on 11th Feb 2020

Snowmobilers are among the most passionate of powersports enthusiasts. The types of enthusiasts are among the widest range as well, from kids to adults, from cottage owners to racers, from recreational users to trail riders, and many more. Naturally, snowmobilers are well exposed to Canadian winters. It’s what makes snowmobiling fun.

Whether you are a part-time enthusiast or every day user in winter, you need a cover of some kind. To guide you through a good decision process we have outlined a number of things to consider as you shop for a cover.

Things to look for when selecting a snowmobile cover

The age of your sled will have an impact on what cover you choose. Newer sleds owners typically are ready to invest in higher grade covers to protect their hefty investment. Older sleds can still have good protection at an affordable price. What is also important is the model year. Around 2008 many companies had moved to newer “pro” chassis type of designs with shorter nose and longer tracks. This does affect fit and therefore cover choice.

Materials vary a lot. Choosing higher quality materials will naturally result in a longer lasting cover. Covers can start at inexpensive PEVA (plastic) to high end solution dyed materials. Price doesn’t always translate to a better cover depending on your needs. As a general rule anything “plastic” doesn’t work well in cold temperatures. Polyesters are more weather and abrasion resistant than nylons and other soft fabrics. You should also ensure the material you choose can handle not only cold but, slush, rain, heavy snow, melting conditions, freezing rain, etc. The ‘weight’ of the material is important. Lightweight materials are generally less durable. That is not to say a heavy canvas is better than a high tech and better constructed Polyester. Wherever you buy from, they should be able to answer these questions and specifically identify the fabric and expected performance of it.

Your planned usage is also a key decision factor. Do you just need an indoor storage cover? Do you need an outdoor storage cover? Do you need a short term or longer term cover? Does it rain and snow where you are? Do you need a secure trailering cover? Each of these will dictate your cover choice in style and material quality as well as features.

Size and shape matters. As noted above, older sleds are a different shape than newer sleds. You will need to understand fit compatibility. OEM (Snowmobile original manufacturer covers) are a great choice and usually you can depend on high quality materials and most importantly a good fit. They are usually a big investment, and more often than not, do not cover the whole sled, just the seat and cowl. Universal covers can be purchased at many retailers, distributors and online specialty stores such as Universal covers may not give you a “perfect” fit, but in many cases, if well designed, will provide a pretty good fit. Material quality and size assortment will vary a lot. Shop wisely and ask questions.

Choosing covers for different needs and purposes

At we have a wide range of covers types and sizes to meet most needs. We have lightweight Advantage covers which are great for indoor storage, short-term covering or for taking with you while trail riding. Made from quality water resistant polyester, they are breathable yet keep the elements out. A storage pouch allows you to take it with you in a relative small space. We also have heavier Venture covers with marine grade solution dyed fabric which are more durable and have tie down straps. These are designed to withstand outdoor exposure all year long. Finally, we have our Nanook brand of premium trailering covers with numerous features such as double die down system, air vents, hem cord, reflector and many more awesome features. Nanook covers are made with heavy duty 600D outdoor polyester with treatments to provide greater UV protection and water resistance. All 3 models are available in 5 sizes to fit all sleds from single seat regular tracks to today’s extra-large grand touring sleds.

Regardless of choice, having a cover (or several) is an essential snowmobile accessory. They protect your sled, make your storage simple and help keep your sled ready to go. Get a cover and go enjoy winter.