The Best Grill Cover for All-Year Use In Canada | Tundra Grill Covers by Outdoor Covers Canada

The Best Grill Cover for All-Year Use In Canada | Tundra Grill Covers by Outdoor Covers Canada

Posted by Outdoor Covers Canada on 2nd Mar 2021

If there is one thing Canadians love to do, it’s outdoor cooking and barbecues. Whether a hot summer in Southern Ontario, a misty evening in BC, an iceberg watching day in Newfoundland or dead of winter in Saskatchewan, we love outdoor cooking. Interestingly, over 50% of Canadians use their BBQ year round so it’s really not just a summer thing for us. We spend lots on these grills and they can get quite expensive. Many take it one step further and create an outdoor entertainment and eating oasis.

Whether you have a basic grill or a full kitchen, one thing most of us want is a clean grilling area. It is after all a focal point for outdoor gatherings. The best way to keep your BBQ clean and ready to use is making sure you protect it with a quality cover. Cheap covers give you cheap benefits. Yes, you can buy a $25 cover, but you spent hundreds if not thousands on your grill so spending $80 or $100 can get you all the quality you need for the Canadian climate.

Our research shows that over 75% of Canadians cover their grills when not in use. This is smart because a covered grill lasts longer and looks better. But with so many poorly made covers on the market, how do you know what covers will be most effective and last the longest? Here are some tips.


Material choice is critical. Lightweight polyester and polyethylene covers might do a job for a short time but they won’t last. Canadian weather will quickly destroy cheap covers. Because of frequent on and off handling and some grills having relatively sharp corners, we always recommend a heavy duty cover. Typically, at least 600 denier or higher all-weather material. Heavier weight materials also stay more secure in windy conditions. You should also consider whether it is simple single material or a climate designed composite. If the cover is a straight up fabric or vinyl, then expect the cover to deteriorate in the sun or freeze up in winter. Usually the lifespan of these covers is 1 year maximum. While PU coatings are ok and help make a cover more water resistant, we recommend a quality composite that can withstand UV rays, as well as extreme cold and snow. Composite materials make the cover more durable and more waterproof. Do keep in mind not all composite covers are the same. Scrunch the fabric to see how well it responds. If it responds very softly in the store it should respond accordingly in colder weather. If it wrinkles easily in the store, it won’t hold up to Canadian winters.

Air Vents

We see so many BBQ covers without proper venting, which can create multiple issues. The waterproof materials in quality BBQ covers hold moisture inside. Vents allow air to circulate and moisture to dissipate. But not all vents are equal. Vents placed mid-way or at the bottom do nothing to release trapped moisture that rises to the top. The higher the air release the better. Vents should also prevent rain and snow from getting in. Consequently, a simple mesh will allow that while a vent with a hood can allow air escape while preventing precipitation from getting in.

Staying Put

Securing the cover is also important. Some people may need a securing device some may not. Decide if this is important due to wind exposure during all weather. Tiny Velcro pieces may not hold up for long. Tundra Grill Covers come with a clever cinching strap placed just below the tables on each side. A simple pull snugs the cover under the table keeping it secure. Quickly pull the cinch backwards and the cover loosens without much bending.


Every manufacturer has its own sizing. Most grills range from 42” to 52” in height. Height shouldn’t matter much provided the cover drops low enough to cover most of the grill unit. Typically covers get taller as the grill gets bigger. Depths of the BBQ are fairly consistent as well, ranging from about 24” to 28”. Most important is your BBQ length (or width as you see it) from table end to table end. Most common sizes are 48” to about 72” for typical gas grills. Know your size and match it up. At we have many sizes to suit your needs from 52” right up to 96”.

Tundra Grill Covers

In closing a BBQ Grill cover is an essential and affordable accessory for all outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Spend a reasonable amount to protect a large investment. Shop for quality covers starting at $79 from their exclusive Tundra Grill Covers.

The latest Tundra Grill Review by Terri (Feb, 2021):

"Unlike other covers I’ve had, this one is made from superior material, the air vents are near the top sides, which is good and the strap/buckle is superior to the usual Velcro ones."

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