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Pedal Boat Cover


Our new Venture Pedal Boat Covers were designed specially for most current and older model Pedal boats.

The covers come with a strong elastic hem for a secure fit. As a further security we have sturdy "D" rings around the cover for optional tie down to ensure a tight fit and to keep the cover from blowing off.

Plus, creating extra tension significantly reduces the risk of water accumulation. Our two sizes will suit most pedal boat types. A cost effective solution to combat rain, dirt, debris and tree sap issues. Comes in a handy reusable storage bag.

VENTURE Pedal Boat Covers
with ShurTex™ marine grade fabric are made with superior solution dyed polyester with a PU inner treatment that is designed to withstand weather elements better than standard outdoor fabrics and allows for much needed breathability to avoid trapped moisture. The material is also sun tolerant and fade resistant. Although universal in type, the shapes are specifically designed for provide proper fit for your powersport machines and Pedal Boat. Not just limited to small medium and large, we design for many types and up to seven sizes depending on type of vehicle or craft which far surpasses industry norms. Each cover is equipped with various securing features depending on vehicle or craft type. Venture covers provide maximum all-season outdoor storage protection for your machine or Pedal Boat.