What is the Difference Between Custom Equipment Covers versus Stock Tarps and Covers?

What is the Difference Between Custom Equipment Covers versus Stock Tarps and Covers?

Posted by Outdoor Covers Canada on 16th Feb 2019

Equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. If you need cover protection it’s important to determine whether you need a custom cover or if you can just purchase box store covers or tarps. Custom Covers are great because they’re created to meet your specific needs, and dimensions. Stock covers have generic measurements and do not have to be special ordered. Basic tarps are not as durable and less waterproof. They are also difficult to handle and don’t secure well.

What is a tarp?

It’s a large sheet of strong, flexible, water-resistant or waterproof material sometimes made of canvas or polyester coated with polyurethane or an all vinyl material. It’s uses are very versatile. The selection of material will determine its useful life, resistance to abrasion and water resistance. Generally the heavier the tarp the more durable it is. They often will have grommet holes along the edge seams for tie down. Stock tarps work great in many applications, but quite often they are too difficult to work with, the fit is poor for your needs, and they blow around a lot.

What is a Custom Equipment Cover?

Custom Equipment Covers are made specifically for your needs, at least they should be. While they could be made from canvas material, the leading material choice should be a heavy duty vinyl. Anything less then 12 ounce weight isn't practical so choose something in the range of 18oz or so. The material should be a reinforced interwoven type and fully sealed to be waterproof. Seams should be mostly welded to prevent leakage as well. If the material is used outdoors it should not only be fully waterproof but also cold rated to at least -30 degrees. Because it is custom in nature, the sizing should be a good fit to reduce slack and wind buffeting. Finally, as a custom cover, you should have options for how the cover will be secured to your equipment.   

At Outdoor Covers Canada our custom covers are manufactured and designed to protect your machinery, equipment or other items from the elements. Our heavy duty weight material is available in a variety of colours, and is designed to be highly durable and fully waterproof. We provide made-for-customer solutions, offer all season protection and are cold rated for practical use anywhere in Canada.

The key benefits to custom covers are:

  • Fitted to your specific shape and needs
  • Sealed seams for total protection
  • Heavy duty waterproof materials 
  • Custom attaching and securing devices to meet your specific requirements
  • Choice of colours

No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Get started today and contact us for more information.