Custom Patio Furniture Covers

Custom Patio, Outdoor Kitchens and Equipment Covers

With skilled craftsmanship we can create custom covers for any type or shape of specialty patio furniture. Using only highest grade of materials our custom patio covers are a step above the competition and no match for store bought covers.

We require photographs and detailed sizing to optimize the cover size and shape. Click on video below for more information.

Bravo Custom Covers™
for patio furniture, fireplaces and outdoor kitchens are the peak of outdoor cover protection. Using only the highest quality of marine grade solution dyed polyester with polyurethane inner coating, we combine features and workmanship that will ensure your cover looks great and lasts a long time. The fabric is all-weather, highly water repellent, UV resistant, fade resistant, mildew resistant and breathable. These covers provide a great balance between softness, easy handling, weather resistance and beautiful looks to enhance and protect any outdoor environment. Excellent for seasonal use with some limitations for winter protection. Being custom, they are made to fit your item and proudly made in Canada.
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Aqualon Custom Covers™
are made with new technology mix material composition of 70% woven polyester duck inner side with a 30% pigmented vinyl exterior. At 9oz this material is very fabric like in feel and weight yet has a fully waterproof outer shell. This provides great protection in all weather including heavy rains and snow melt. Aqualon protects from UV rays and is also cold rated for Canadian climate. Do note as a waterproof cover material these covers are not breathable so care should be taken to ensure they are removed regularly to vent out trapped moisture. All-in-all a great hybrid material for effective protection in all kinds of weather.
Click on the video below for additional information on our custom covers.
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Armadillo Rugged Covers™
deliver dependable all weather protection for your outdoor furniture, appliances, machines and equipment. Made with heavy duty vinyl materials they are constructed to be 100% waterproof and stay flexible to -40c temperatures giving full protection in any weather without worry about snow and ice build up. Choose between our 18oz heavy duty Classic vinyl with welded seams or our specialty Winterlux™ soft textured 19oz or 26oz vinyl with soft inner liner for protection from chaffing. Our Armadillo custom covers are proudly made in Canada and can be made with your needs in mind.
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    Bravo Custom Patio Furniture Cover

    We make Bravo Custom Patio Furniture Covers to protect the value and beauty of your outdoor living environment. Using only premium grade solution dyed marine fabric, we can create a custom fitted cover to suit your specific needs and configuration. Our...
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