Exciting and unique new products

Exciting and unique new products

Posted by Outdoor Covers Canada on 19th Feb 2020

At Outdoor Covers Canada we continually look for and develop new products to add to our assortment and give consumers greater variety of weather protection. Because covers are all we do, we take pride in being the most prolific source for quality made covers available in Canada.

Our product development is well though out. We look for and research new ideas. We talk to people at events and shows and listen to what they say and what they are looking for. We take this information and work with our factory partners to create the best product we can at the most advantageous prices.

Here are some of the great new products we developed and launched recently:

Armadillo Muskoka/Adirondack winter covers for two reverse stacked chairs

-This item has been asked for at the popular Cottage Life Show. Customers have told us the current products available are cheap quality and not durable. These products need to last many winters of cold and snow. Our Armadillo cover was created specifically for this need.

Venture Motorcycle Covers

-Again, our development process began at the Motorcycle Supershow with much customer feedback. They told us what they wanted and the features they wanted. Most importantly we discovered that most motorcycle cover suppliers simply market small, medium, large sizes which may or may not fit particular motorcycle types. Consequently, we developed a full range of premium quality motorcycle covers with the best features and materials, then created type specific sizes such as “Sport Bike Cover”, “Trike Cover”, “XL Touring Bike Cover”, “Cruiser with bags cover”, among others. Now customer can choose a cover based on their bike types not by some irrelevant size names.

Nanook Snowmobile and PWC Covers

-This product line was also developed with direct feedback from customers at events and shows. They told us they wanted heavy duty trailering covers that provide durable protection from road grime, rain, snow and slush. That these covers need to have dependable securing devices and that they didn’t damage their machines. So, we took industry leading cover technology and added extra features to ensure customer got everything they needed. In addition, we proportioned our covers to meet the sizes and types of todays snowmobiles and personal watercraft. Sizes such as Grand Touring sleds and extra-long three-seater PWCs.

Venture Sport Covers

-These covers came into development based on the need for reliable outdoor storage covers for various watercraft and powersports. Through testing and product research we determined that your typical storage covers were not durable for all four Canadian seasons. Many standard covers perform poorly in cold weather, many are not very waterproof, and most are not sun tolerant. Consequently, we developed a full line of quality outdoor storage covers which will perform in all these conditions. We use premium grade solution dyed marine fabric, which is highly water resistant, UV resistant and still breathable so moisture doesn’t get trapped. Our product line covers many items such as snowmobiles, personal watercraft, canoes, kayaks, pedal boats and more.

We continue to develop more products every year. Thanks to valuable customer feedback and a great product development team, Outdoor Covers Canada is your top authority for all weather covers.