Three Best Ways to Protect Your Snowmobile During the Winter and the Off Season

Three Best Ways to Protect Your Snowmobile During the Winter and the Off Season

Posted by Outdoor Covers Canada on 3rd Mar 2019

Your snowmobile is worthy of protection and we have a large assortment of snowmobile covers to protect your investment. With three types of materials from lightweight ADVANTAGE covers to the premium VENTURE all-season covers and our super duty NANOOK trailering covers we have the right protection for you.

Here are some tips to protect your snowmobile over the winter and off season.

Follow your regular maintenance schedule

Following a maintenance schedule is very important for your snowmobile. This allows you to check bolts, fasteners and drivetrain to determine if they should be adjusted, cleaned, or in situations of wear and tear, repaired or replaced. A well maintained sled is a safe sled and one that doesn’t break down.

Tip: You should add in fuel stabilizer when stored, lubricate as necessary and loosen tension springs to extend life and dependability.

Transport safely and effectively

Serious sledders take transportation seriously. That means following appropriate ministry rules for transporting vehicles. This includes strong tie downs rated for full weight of machine and secured at four corners. Using a heavy duty transportation cover is also a very good habit. Your cover should have extra strong tie downs that are reinforced. A dual tie down strap system allows you to have a solid backup such as with our Nanook snowmobile covers. A cover should be tightened in all locations to reduce unnecessary wind flapping which will reduce the cover life. A nose tether to your trailer is always a good idea as well.

Tip: Covers are an ideal way to keep the road ice, slush and salt off your sled so that it is clean and ready to use. Let your cover take the punishment of the elements. It is cheaper to replace a cover than your sled and its components.

Make sure to keep your snowmobile clean and stored properly

Have you recently been on an exciting snowmobile adventure? It’s important to clean off your sled after you return from a trip. By doing so you reduce the water and ice forming during melting periods. This helps prevent rust and corrosion on the metal components. It is also important to use a storage cover when not in use so that your sled is clean and ready to go for your next adventure. Our Venture covers are designed for use year round and come with securing straps to keep the cover secure and for limited transport. Our Advantage covers are great for overnight or short term coverage. They are ideal lightweight water and snow resistant covers.

Tip: Cover your sled when snow is coming so all you have to do is lift off the cover for a ready to use ride.

Looking for a specific cover? Our covers include range of sizes accommodates most snowmobile types from traditional chassis to newer models. Also from regular track length sleds to extra large grand touring models. Our top quality materials gives you the best price value relationship in Canada. Our exclusive brands include:

Nanook: Heavy Duty full featured trailering covers

Venture: Premium storage covers with durable and all weather marine grade fabric

Advantage: Lightweight storage covers for inside or short term outdoor protection

Order today to get your ideal snowmobile cover, or contact us for more information.