February 2024

Introducing our new line of premium trailering covers for Snowmobiles, Personal Watercraft and ATVs/UTVs. our new Nanook "Ultra" covers have improved features and materials that will make your transportation experience easier and dependable. check out these fantastic new products.


May 2023

Our Tundra BBQ grill covers are a hit! Customers are recognizing that superior barbecue covers are a must in Canadian climates, especially during cold winter months as well as withstanding high UV impact of hot summer months. While our stock is low, we are stocking up for 2023 to meet the high demand.


May 2019

Our new pedal boat covers are a hit. Introduced at the Spring Cottage Life show, they they proved popular because of the quality material, features and the fact we introduced two sizes modeled on actual pedal boats not off-the-shelf sizes that simply don't work. We have lots of stock. Order now.


April 2019

Our Avalon patio cover selection has grown again. We have introduced new customer requested sizes for swing cover, firepit table cover, day bed cover, stacking chair cover, news sizes for sectional covers and new cantilever umbrella covers with lifting poles. This brings our size collection to over 60 sizes. We are proud to respond to customer needs and bring styles and sizes that matter to customers. 


October 2018

We are proud to introduce our new and full lines of powersports covers for snowmobiles and PWCs. Offering 5 sizes to ensure fit for most sleds and PWCs on the market today. We also provide a range of cover types, depending on need, from lightweight storage cover to heavy duty trailering cover. Our distinct brands of Nanook, Venture and Advantage serve these purposes. check out our full line in powersports and watercraft.


October 2017

We are very excited to announce the arrival of our new and exclusive AVALON collection of patio furniture covers. We carefully selected the special fabric to ensure it provided the best of features such as waterproofing, durability, manageability and style. We also carefully researched Canadian preferences in patio furniture to ensure our sizes and shapes were developed to best suit Canadian consumers. With nearly 50 sizes to choose from we should have what you need.


June 2016 is proud to bring to the Canadian market exciting new cover categories. Shop now for unique covers for Shop Tools, Mobility Scooters, Bicycle and Pedal Boat. Our Shop Tool covers are designed to fit many common tools such as miter saw, band saw, table saw and more. Our Mobility Scooter covers have been researched extensively to come with practical and affordable covers in 3 sizes.


October 2015

YES WE CAN MAKE CUSTOM PATIO FUNITURE COVERS! While we have many standard sizes of furniture covers we also can custom make covers for your oversized and specially shaped sets. We can also make covers for your custom outdoor Kitchen. Just contact us at [email protected]. send us sizes and a photo to receive a quote.