The solution to winter storage for Adirondack and Muskoka Chairs

The solution to winter storage for Adirondack and Muskoka Chairs

Posted by Outdoor Covers Canada on 1st Oct 2020

Lovely to sit on and enjoy but a pain to clean and store

Adirondack / Muskoka chairs are increasingly more popular because they are ‘oh so comfy’ to sit in when enjoying some summer rest and relaxation. Whether genuine wood or new style recycle plastics, they are worth every penny once you’ve invested in them. Those wide armrests sure are handy for holding your favorite beverage if not that necessary sunscreen or bug spray. Enjoying them is great and easy but looking after them can be a challenge.

Practical simplicity with seasonal cover protection

We love Adirondack and Muskoka chairs for cottage or deck but there are some well-known challenges when it comes to keeping them ready for use and storing over the winter. We often like to enjoy a morning coffee on the chairs, but rain, dust, pollution and pollen make for enjoyable seating sometimes a preparation challenge. “Hey honey, bring down some cleaner and rags to we can use the chairs.” In season the answer is simple, use a quality but practical chair cover such as the Avalon Wing Back Chair Cover to keep the chair dry and clean for when you want to use it. These covers come with a durable GridTex™ fabric in charcoal grey colour that easily hides dirt and keeps water and pollution or tree sap from making sitting a dirty experience. A strong adjustable elastic hem and a strong tie down strap ensures your cover stays put in most weather conditions. So next time you use your chair it’s a quick flip of the cover and ready to relax to enjoy a spectacular sunrise or sunset.

Reliable cover protection for harsh winters

The above solution is great for spring, summer and fall but what about winters? No matter what part of the country you are in, winters in Canada pose certain challenges for owners of Adirondack and Muskoka Chairs. Most are heavy and bulky. They don’t store well. While they are outdoor grade for the most part, winters can turn expensive chairs into a dirty mess with stains that may not go away. Within a few short years those expensive chairs will look old and used. The answer for this is simple as well. Try heavy duty Armadillo Muskoka / Adirondack Winter Covers. Made with strong, winter rated vinyl and tough sealed seams, these covers will withstand many winters outdoors and keep your chairs clean and ready for summer. Two chairs are simply reverse stacked then the cover is placed over top. A securing strap ensures the wind won’t carry it off. This type of cover is fully waterproof, can withstand -30c and colder without cracking. The vinyl is also very sun tolerant and won’t disintegrate like most fabric covers. And don’t worry about having 3 feet of snow on the chairs, they are tough enough to handle without puncturing. When spring arrives, ‘voila’, you are ready to go.

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