Mobility Scooters covers designed right and made affordable

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Mobility Scooters are a fantastic device for people who need them. Allowing one greater freedom is helpful compensation for disabilities. These scooters do come in various shapes and sizes to meet customer needs and are a significant investment.

At we recognized the need to help mobility scooter owners get more out of their scooters and help take of them. For this reason we developed our unique trio of  mobility scooter covers designed for great fit and with great features.

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By consulting with dealers and users alike, we created a fantastic combination of features at a great price (under $50). Three sizes fit most scooters. We included proper air vents to allow good airflow and moisture dissipation. We included easy to use Velcro strips to snug cover at front and back. We included an adjustable elastic hem cord for protection in inclement weather. Bending may be a challenge for many so for this reason the hem cord use is optional. We also included an optional Velcro attachment under the cover to attach to a head rest to keep the cover secure in case of blow off. The material we use is a strong but lightweight polyester fabric which is treated with a water resistant coating.

Because our covers are lightweight, easy to handle and come with a storage, users can take the cover with them on trips on in case of rain. Always handy and ready to use and install in seconds.

The most impressive feature is developing this unique set of covers with all these benefits at a fantastic price ranging from $40 to $50 depending on size. You won’t find a better value for a quality cover. Visit our website today for a glimpse of our assortment and order at the convenience of your home and we will ship it to your door.