Convenient Storage covers for tire stacks keeps them clean and ready for next season

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Living in Canada we know the importance of winter tires. From Newfoundland to BC, we use them everywhere. A high but usually necessary cost for most motorists in Canada. One of the key problems with the seasonal tire swap is storage. Whether a garage, car port or shed, you need to store that off season stack somewhere. Exposed, the tires and wheels have a shorter life. We also want to protect those nice summer rims from dirt and pollutants as well.

At we have developed a line of convenient and economical tire stack covers. Created in four sizes to suit a vast selection of tire sizes stacked four high. Made with UV resistant silver polyester and water resistant inner coating, these covers protect your wheels from most elements. While not a long term outdoor solution from melting ice and ground frost, this cover will keep most moisture out (we recommend a tenting device if stored outdoors) A zippered access and drawstring hem allows for a secure fit.

Starting at $20 our covers are a great bargain. Shop now at