Car Covers can be had at high quality and reasonable prices

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Whether you are a car collector, have a special set of wheels or need to store your car for periods of time, you should be using a quality car cover to protect your vehicle. Covers are also very useful for underground parking because of high dust accumulation. In any case, getting the right type of cover is critical. Yes you can buy custom fit covers and for those with high end cars this is probably a good choice. However, most of us need an affordable universal fit cover that will properly cover the car without damaging it.

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When looking for a car cover choose wisely. Many covers are made with woven polyester or PVC. Constant rubbing due to wind can cause much damage to paint finishes. Many lightweight woven covers also won’t stand up to UV, snow and ice. At we carry only non-woven 4 layer polyester that is strong, breathable, waterproof and most importantly, soft. They come with a full surround built-in elastic shock cord, pass through grommets on each side to secure a rope, a handy storage bag and an antenna patch kit for those cars with antenna. But don’t be fooled by cheap versions. Look for heavy weight Non-woven such as 160g like ours. Lightweight materials won’t last Canadian winters or strong winds. Available in four sizes and staring at $85, you won’t find a better bargain in Canada. And it ships from Canada to save you even more.