Boat Covers are essential for transportation and storage

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Boat owners know well the high maintenance cost of their investment. Extending the life of this investment is key reason for proper maintenance. A well maintained boat looks better, runs better and lasts longer. Along with mechanical maintenance and hull cleaning an important tool is the usage of a protective cover. Many larger boats have clip-on covers for on the water, these work relatively well in transportation as well. However, custom fit covers are very expensive when replacing so extending the life of clip-on water covers is important. Also, many open style boats don’t have special fit covers. For these reasons the usage of general covers is a wise choice.

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The solution is a quality made universal fit cover. Such covers can used for general storage and towing. They also come in many sizes. However, beware because materials are not the same. By their very nature boats see a lot of sun and rain whether moored or in tow. Buy heavy duty 600D polyester covers with water resistant inner coating. Most importantly make sure the cover is made from Solution Dyed polyester. This means the fabric yarn is dyed while being made not applied after it is made. Solution dyed fabrics are much more resistant to sun and weather. At we take pride in having high quality materials and construction for long lasting and effective protective covers. Shop now and check out our very affordable prices of covers made with high grade materials.