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New “Savanna” patio cover assortment suits your furniture

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There are two major decision factors affecting cover purchase decisions. One is the quality of covers, the other is sizing.

In a previous article we highlighted the various decision choices for fabrics and quality (see  Patio Furniture covers are a must for Home and Cottage owners). In this article we tried to enlighten consumers to the different choices for cover types, materials and qualities.

Savanna Outdoor Covers

Because we are constantly adjusting our product assortment we also consider ways we can improve our current products. Having recognized the need for improved UV performance we invested a better UV inhibitors in our high performance covers and have moved from previous “Pro Series” to our new exclusive “Savanna Patio Covers” brand. With a solid 3 year warrantee we stand behind our product and quality.

The other challenge we addressed is the improved assortment of sizes. Having studied many furniture styles and shapes we are happy to introduce 12 new products dedicated to deep seating and box seating furniture types. Whether you have individual seating or sectional sets many of our new sizes should work for you. For sectionals most units simply slide apart. Our sizes are designed to suit separated furniture pieces so you can choose a large sofa for a side and corner plus a loveseat or small sofa for the other side section.

Not resting on current improvements we have more coming in the near future.

At we take pride in providing a large assortment and variety of covers at great prices. Visit our website today for a glimpse of our assortment and order at the convenience of your mobile device, desk or home and we will ship it to your door.

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